Bear Hunting in Romania

Recommended Hunting Equipment

Weapons: rifle

Clothing: dark green, camouflage, boots


You can choose between two options while booking:

Standard pension: Hunting lodges near the hunting area or hotels ()

Comfort pension: Luxury hotels ( or - depending on the hunting area)

Additional Information

The price above is calculated based on your preferences. It includes the services offered by our company, and doesn't include the hunted animals or trophies (see the extra fees section at the bottom of this page)

We are sorry but Bear Hunting is not available currently in Romania. Check back soon when Romanian authorities re-open Bear Hunting

Romania Hunting offers the following services with this package

Accommodation & Meal
Traditional Romanian alcoholic beverages
Border crossing assistance ( in & out )
Dedicated translator
Elaboration of hunting authorization
Elaboration of temporary hunting permit
Elaboration of the official hunting invitation
Full pension - All inclusive
Hunting organization
Internal transport inside the hunting area
Primary preparation of the trophy and packaging for transport
Specialized technical staff

Extra fees which may apply based on your hunting results

Bear Trophy Prices
Fur Trophy (C.I.C. Points) Prices
EUR EUR/C.I.C. Point
from-until <350 5,500 € -
350 - 400 7,500 € -
400,1< 7,500 € +80 €/C.I.C. Point
For the paid amount, the hunter will get the fur (raw) and the skull (prepared).
The C.I.C. points are established by measuring the fur, immediately after the skinning and before being salted.
Missed fire penalty: 300 €
Wounded and unrecovered animal penalty ( on the prowl): 2,000 €
Wounded and unrecovered animal penalty ( on the chase): 1,500 €