Rules & Conditions

The Hunting Registration Conditions

Hunting License

Foreign hunters must have a valid hunting license or a valid hunting permit for the entire period they will hunt in Romania, provided by the authorities in their country.

Accident Insurance

Foreign hunters must have a valid international accident insurance against any possible accidents which may appear at the hunting.

Hunting Gun Permit

Foreign hunters must have a valid hunting gun permit for the entire period they’ll stay in Romania.

The persons who want to hunt in Romania and the group attendants, have to know and to accept all the hunting rules and conditions from our country, as well as the hunting prices and the services of our company.

According to the Romanian laws, the inquirers have to be members of a hunting society from their country and to have an accident assurance for them and for the tertiaries, valid also in Romania. Our company doesn’t respond for eventual injuries provoked by any kind of accidents or no matter what any special event of the hunter and of the tertiaries during all the hunting period in Romania.

Our company makes hunting registrations and solves the entering formalities of the hunters in Romania, having as proof the command of registration signed by the inquirer and sent us with at least 40 days before the hunting starts. So as your demand to be reserved, it is necessary to pay beforehand, in our account the next charges:

An advance of 30% from the estimated value of the hunting and of the demanded services.

Our company will confirm your demand as soon as possible, respecting as much as possible the demands, ensuring the existence in the hunting area of the hunted and of the trophies required.

In view of achieving the licence for entering in Romania of the hunters with guns and cartridges, after receiving the acknowledgement, the inquirer will have to send, with at least 15 days before the arriving day, all the dates required by us through the acknowledgement letter.

In case in which the inquirer postpones or cancels the command, no matter what is the reason or the period, the registration charge it will not be given back. The commands can be cancelled without forfeit, with at least 30 days before the announced day for the arriving of the hunters.

Paid deposit is not refundable, but it can be transfered into another hunt in the same or next season

In case of proved major force (storm, fog, floods, inscrutable and insurmountable events), the parts are exonerated from the undertaken and confirmed obligations, without forfeit. The person who signs the registration command is considered to be the authorized for all the others attendants inscribed in the command.

Formalities and Traveling Conditions

The approval for entering in Romania, with guns and cartridges will be transmitted with the help of our intercession, having as proof the dates sent by you, within 15 days. According to the legislation there can be introduced in Romania utmost 50 cartridges with bullet or small shot for each gun, and a hunter may have utmost 2 guns. The hunting dogs may be brought in Romania having a sanitary-veterinary certificate which does’t have to be more back than 10 days before entering in the country. The dog has to be immunized against rabies, with at least 1 month and at most 12 months before entering in Romania.

The Hunting Unreeled.
Hunting Protocol

In the hunting area you will be attended by qualified personal, assured by the forests authorities from that zone. The preparation, the clearance and the packing of the hunting trophies will be made by the organizers through the specialized forest personal. The measurement and the evaluation of the trophies will be made by a district committee formed of authorized specialists, in the hunter’s presence.

After each hunting match will be concluded a protocol in which it will be listed the gunned hunted, the size of the trophies, the wounded animals, the wrong shoots and the organization charge.

From the total value of the hunting action, it will be subtracted that advance of 30% anticipatory released.

The final payment will be effected in cash at the hunting closure, after the evaluation of the trophy.

Through his signature on the protocol, the guest acknowledges the precision of the dates listed in this one.

The eventually claimings may be done only in the hunting area where it will be conciliated and solved the emerged litigations. For the litigations concerning the hunted trophies, unsolved there, it will be appealed the National Committee for Evaluating the Hunted Trophies, whose decision is final. The unsolved litigations will be mentioned in the hunting protocol. The trophies may be taken by the hunters only accompanied by the provenience and transport documents, after paying all the charges.